Global Engagement Day

The 2018 Global Engagement Day was a success! Global Engagement Day is an event hosted every year in corroboration with the Global Engagement Fellowship program and International Studies college. The event is host to student speakers, informational sessions about studying abroad, and more. This year, I attended the final seminar of the day. 2 international students spoke to a group of approximately 30 students about their experience at OU, how to treat international students, and what it is like being an international student. My favorite thing they talked about, and most applicable for me, was what it looks like to best honor international students as peers versus international students. For example, they talked deeply on accents and commentary on them. They explained everyone has an accent, and that just because they talk in an accent doesn’t make them less able to speak english or communicate. In many ways, they are better communicators than me simply because they speak a multitude of languages. We addressed how to speak with international students in a way that isn’t offensive and how to be culturally sensitive. Finally, we talked about culture shock and reverse culture shock. Overall, I learned so much and was grateful for the experience.

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