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Bethel Podcast

I love to listen to podcasts every day when I go to the gym. They are always a perfect length and engaging. I listen to a lot of different sermons or spiritual podcasts, but my favorites are from Bethel. Bethel is a church based out of California that has planted several other campuses across the U.S., their newest will be in Austin Texas this year. Bethel’s podcasts are sermons from Sunday morning services they record and put online. They are usually 45 minutes long and a compilation from their numerous pastors. My favorite podcast from them I have listened to recently is called “Grace, Mercy, Righteousness and Justice” and it talked on Genesis and out purpose on this earth. Specifically, how we can be in better touch with Jesus and his grace, mercy, righteousness, and justice. I love the podcasts from Bethel because as sermons, they do a great job of maintaining a scriptural basis while also expanding on what that looks like for us as people of God. I would describe this podcast as deep and penetrating in thought. I like to run while listening to these because running is very repetitious and I am able to focus on what is being said and pray/meditate on it then.

If anyone is looking for a good sermon series podcast, I would definitely recommend Bethel. They are not too long but go deep and go to the core of issues that I think are very relevant to myself and others. The Porch is another spiritual podcast series I would recommend.

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