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HSLC is a large part of why I went to OU and has been the only constant from my high school to college life in terms of familiar things. I was fortunate enough to attend the camp my junior year and serve as a senior ambassador my senior year. Serving on the Executive committee my first year of college transformed my freshman year experience for the better for one simple reason: It made me realize what I had at OU every day that I expected to have only again for one weekend while I helped host this conference. I attended plenty of leadership conferences in high school and met my run of amazing people I wished went home with me every time. The difference is, I was fortunate enough to choose OU and find people that incredible here who surround me every day. I have classes with them, I see them on the south oval, I get to have coffee with them. Many of them are mentors to me. God works in such a seamless way in the background of our complex stories to create a masterpiece that is out life, and he does it often without us noticing. If we bling, we can sometimes miss the work he is putting in overtime in the midst of our won business, and he does so effortlessly. It is so beautiful, so convicting, so intimate that He places such a value on me that he would entrust me with so much. I am so grateful for the constant that has been HSLC and the community I have gained in it.

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