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Why I Went Greek and You Should Too

I was not planning on rushing at OU. Part of me always wanted to go greek, but the girls that went greek from my high school were not girls I typically associated with not wanted to associate with in college. I planned on doing my own path, being independent of greek life that seemed to swallow OU. That was, until my junior year when I actually learned what greek life was about. I was at Sooner Saturday, and a family friend offered to show me her sorority house. I walked in with my Mom to an enormous house just off campus and was immediately enchanted. I was not blown away only by the grandeur of the house, but the life that was inside the walls. It was a strong community of women who spoke to each other by name, cared about each other and did life together.

Going through recruitment was both challenging and very helpful. But what is worth more than anything is gaining relationships with people that are valuable for self worth, job prospects, connections, among other things. My pledge class did not bond overnight. Greek life is in no way perfect. But it is good, and I know any girl in my chapter would go out of their way gladly to help me in any situation, which is so valuable throughout the fundamental years of college that challenge and shape you. Greek life has developed and stretched me as a person in so many ways outside of the shallow stereotypes it receives, and I would recommend the experience of recruitment and being in greek life.

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