Black Panther

The blockbuster movie that took over theaters and pop culture during Black History Month was one that deserved to be seen on the big screen. This movie was a captivating journey into the fictional culture and world of the Wakanda nation of Africa, which is to most of the world one of the poorest and most desolate nations. What is hidden beneath the surface of this African nation, however, is a hidden city that is developmentally advanced outside the understanding or capabilities of nay 3rd world country combined. It speaks to cultural appropriation, the advancement of technology and the balance between concentration and the sharing of power, as well as strong themes of loyalty, familial value, cultural and historical significance of a group of people. This movie tears between the lines of black stereotypes and recognizes the significance of people as a whole but honor to your specific heritage and culture. It educates the audience is an unoffensive way on heritage and what it means.

I think it is very interesting that this movie ended the 35-year old movie ban in Saudi Arabia and is shown in theaters there for the first time in 35 years. It amazes me the segregation, specifically within genders, that exists within that society still. The fact that it is written in the Washington Post that they believe the movie theater will not be segregated by gender is astounding to me. However, I am excited and interested to see the reaction considering the power role women play in the film, whether it be a princess that is a tech guru or a Queen who advances the plot in a pivotal way.

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