Dance Stand Run

Dance Stand Run by Jess Connolly is a spiritual book written for women to better learn how to dance in grace, stand on holy ground, and run on a mission. One of my biggest goals right now is to meet this woman. I am convinced Jess is my secret sister, best gal in another life. Or this one, I am up for that too. Anyway, Jess speaks boldly of the hope that comes to us as daughters of God and sisters on the mission for Christ. She argues in the beginning of the book that she, along with many others, have taken up grace and forgotten that we are women that stand firm on holy ground. What she means by this is we get grace: the grace that comes from a savior that washes us white as snow and sees us as we truly are. But when we take up our cross and step into grace, we also become entirely holy. There is nothing we can do to be more or less holy than we are in this moment. And that is crazy hard to grasp, and oftentimes harder to believe and live out. But we are women of God dancing fully in grace like rain, embracing our mistakes and imperfections because we are seen and known, but also standing on holy ground with Jesus, living in that holiness. And because we dance in grace and stand firmly on holy ground, we are able to run on a mission, which is the great commission. We are all called to ministry, to make disciples of all nations, to go and speak boldly and live in grace and stand in holiness fully proclaiming the name of Jesus.

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