Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything Happens for a Reason And Other Lies I’ve LovedĀ by Kate Bowler is a heartbreaking and real story of a women, wife, mother and friend who was told her life would be inconceivable cut short due to stage 4 cancer. It is a very real documentation of her journey through her diagnosis, treatment, and life that was dramatically changed from a singe phone call. Kate Bowler is a professor of Theology at Duke Divinity school, so faith-oriented questions surround this novel of tragedy. This book made me rethink everything I knew or thought I knew about struggles, hardship, life, death, how to serve and surround people in times of grieving, and challenged my beliefs. This book is a hard one to read, because within its pages are the fragile pieces of a very real life and very real story. It is not only the story of Kate Bowler, but thousands of people that deal with tragedy and hardship beyond explanation or reason. It allows the reader to gain a greater understanding of what this moment looks like for people standing literally in the valley of the shadow of death, without being there themselves. The pain we feel through her words is nowhere close to what she feels, but we can better understand how little we understand about death. This is a book that just about everyone should read to develop understanding in relation to what is it like to embrace life fully, how to embrace the thought of death, promises of life, and fullness in tragedy and pain.

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