First Amendment

Corey Disler, 56

  1. “I agree with all the freedoms because it is important for citizens to have a voice in democracy and the direction of our nation. ”
  2. “I support all of these freedoms. I think that they are fundamental in what America is and why we are the nation that is so globally respected. ”
  3. “I do recognize these laws as those of the First Amendment.”

Riley Vann, 19

  1. “I agree with these freedoms, I think they are pretty basic and promised to us in the constitution.”
  2. “I agree with the freedom of speech, but I simultaneously feel as though that should not include hate speech. Especially when it comes to marginalized populations.”
  3.  “Yeah they are the First Amendment.”

Reece Henry, 18

  1. “I agree with those rights, the First Amendment… do people not agree with the First Amendment?”
  2. “Are people saying no to these questions? Yes I agree with all portions of the first amendment. I want to be a constitutional lawyer.”
  3. “ They are the rights provided in the First Amendment.”

Terri Disler, 53

  1. I agree with the rights because without them our country would not be a working democracy.
  2. I support the freedom of press because it allows all opinions to be printed without government censorship. If this was not our right, we would never be fully informed.
  3. “These are rights guaranteed by the first amendment.”

Brenna Hibbs,  18

  1. “I would agree with these freedoms.”
  2. “I do not think any of them are excessive, I think it is how people use them that determines if people see them as too excessive or not.”
  3. “Yes, I recognized them as the first amendment.”


Everyone I talked to agreed with the freedoms of the first amendment. I think that everyone also agreed that it depends on your interpretation of the constitution and how people choose to use them on a day to day basis that determines what it means for them to be excessive or not. Overall, I think people agree it is a sufficient amendment and provides rights as well as security through the United States.


The people I interviewed were in support of the first amendment because it provides us with basic freedoms they saw as fundamental to their rights. it is important to note that all my interviewers are citizens of America and knew the constitution and their rights given to them in the First Amendment.



My interviewees saw the freedoms established in the First Amendment as necessary and proper, which was the goal of the Bill of Rights in the first place. I think that it is pretty incredible that all this time later, we as a nation can still agree that these are fundamental human rights and deserve to be protected as such. however, having grown up with the First Amendment and knowing it, I was expecting agreement on these rights.


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