Radio assignment

  1. If I owned a broadcast radio station, I would choose a spiritual or religious music radio station because that is what I would want to talk about and listen to. I personally like the radio stations that are more spiritual because event between songs it is more uplifting conversation versus shallow or degrading conversation.
  2. I think that radio can be used to improve social and political discussions in America by speaking honestly and getting audience feedback over the phone that is heard on a large scale. I think that overall radio is a useful tool because it can create dialogue and conversation on hard topics and allow people time to think about their own opinion on the issue and get questioned on their thoughts live.
  3. Honestly, internet radio is what I prefer and grew up with so I would have a hard time making an argument for one over the other. However, I would argue that broadcast radio is nostalgic and in the moment so there is a level of currency with it because someone else is facilitating your music or message over yourself constantly, so you can learn more potentially.

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