research paper “Me Too and Modern Media”

I wrote my research paper over the #MeToo movement and how social media determined the course of its success and most of its public meaning after its breaking as a hashtag on twitter. This research analyzes how the movement came to be by Tarana Burke in 2006 and why, 10 years later, it finally became the anthem to the modern day feminist movement. The paper further analyzes the timeline of events and why the convergence with specific forms of media played more of a role in the movement, specifically through the “trending” feature on social media. Finally, it looks at how Hollywood’s involvement played a specific role and changed how the media interacts with Hollywood toward social movements and vice versa, and why they chose to step up versus hide in this specific case. Overall, This paper stands as research on the history of Tarana Burke, the founding of the Me Too movement 2006-2016, and why that matters for the movement and the continuation of it after it stops trending on social media. This paper takes in to account the reality of our changing media world and what that can look like for the feminist movement, as well as other movements, moving forward. This paper was an ever-evolving piece of work because so much of what we know about the #MeToo movement has been released within the past few months. Therefore, most of this paper is observation based and fact based on what has happened in the past, what we see now, and what we have seen in the past in relation to the future of the #MeToo Movement.

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