teacher walkout

The teacher walkout is a response to a long-coming wound that was sooner than later going to result in war among our schools and legislature in Oklahoma. While it is frustrating that we are in such a place, it is a time of immense growth for students in political efficacy, and a season where teachers have to set down their textbooks and fight for the institutions that hold their careers and the future of our state and nation.

As a student, it is frustrating that we have gotten to this point. The dollar amount on my education is pathetic. Out legislators, though their policies and actions, tell us that our education is not worth anything to them. Yet they all received educations. My tuition rises every year because they cannot find the money to fund our university or public institutions in general. But what may be more crude is the number os teachers having to leave the state to find work. The number of teachers having to leave the field they chose because they cannot make a livable salary doing what they love. The teachers that work 3 jobs on their own in order to support their family despite their husbands salaries. The teachers that are continuing to pursue doctorate degrees so they can be better educators, knowing a year of school will cost more than their yearly salary.


its heartbreaking. its week 2. it ends here.

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