the end

its crazy to think we are almost to the end of the year. in many ways, its easy to want to jump back and do it all over again. But in a million others, I am being pulled toward the end that seems so sweet and so, so close. It is a seemingly endless and impossible mental battle between wanting to jump forward or jump back. Just as most battles, this one also has a compromise: we can choose to simply be. We can choose to give in to the pulls and allow them to plant us where we are at: in the thick of it. It can be uncomfortable at first, but when we finally grow comfortable in the feeling of firm ground, it is exhilarating. We are free to live, laugh, love, we are free to be. We don’t have to choose to jump back or forward, because after all, those choices are not all that realistic to begin with. When we finally rest in our ability to be, we begin to become.

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