The Shape of Water

Over spring break, I had aspirations of reading a couple great books and watching the remainder of the Oscar nominated movies of 2018. While it was still a restful break full of bought books and television catch-ups, I only watched one movie that made the Oscar nominated list this year– this one, however, happened to win. The Shape of Water swept the Oscars this year, winning best picture, director, original music score, and production design.

This movie is interesting in that it is… creepy. From the eeriness of a mute girl and sea monster falling in love, to the prevalence of the color green coating the movie screen, to the plot of the movie in general, it is clear the film is intended to be a modern day horror. Many horror films are shifting in less of a archetypal horror film way toward films such as  Get Out and the Shape of Water. The Shape of Water is the first horror film to win Best Picture since The Silence of the Lambs in 1991. While The Shape of Water blurs lines on if it is a true horror or not, I would agree with the OU professor of film along with many others that argue it is a horror film and that it further is a telling film for where horror is going.
As an individual who is not a fan of horror films normally, I thought the film overall, while weird, was intriguing and I understood why it won so many awards this past season. If I had to choose, I would say I liked Call Me By Your Name more, but because I care more about social justice films than horror films in general.

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