Twenty Two

I have spent the last semester reading, a lot. A book I just finished reading was Twenty Two by Allison Trowbridge, and it made its way up to being one of my favorite novels of all time. Allison, a college graduate who currently works in the non profit industry, specifically in human trafficking, reminisced on her college years and recognized the importance of mentorship. She decided to write a book full of letters to a fictional girl that she mentored throughout her 4 years of college. The book spells out the truths and challenges of college, speaks about life experience, struggles, pain, beauty, joy, and most of all, growth. The book is perspective-giving and allows the individual to embrace who they are as a woman, becoming real. She offers advice and perspectives I would have not thought of on my own, both spiritual and non. After reading this book, I decided it will be the gift I give to all girls graduating and making the challenging transition between high school and college. The book ends in devastation and heart break, but remains an anthem of hope for women to live fully and wonderfully throughout their college experience, to strive to be their genuine selves, and shape their hearts during this season.

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